Google Business reviews provide consumers with an opportunity to express their opinions and let others know what kind of experience they had when working with or visiting a company. Many people rely on these comments to make their own opinions on what companies with whom they want to do business. For many companies, this feature draws in new customers and encourages repeat customers. However, fake remarks are unfortunately not uncommon. These negative comments can seriously affect a company’s popularity even though they hold no truth. If you experience false reports made about your place of work, follow these steps:

Determine if the comment violates the policies of Google business reviews

False opinions must meet specific criteria determined by Google to be deleted. These policies are not too strict, but they do stop companies from erasing negative Google businesses reviews simply because they do not like them. If you are positive the remarks made are entirely fake, proceed to the next step.

Decide if Deleting the Comment is the Best Step to Take

While negative statements can leave the wrong impression on potential clients, they also present an opportunity for you to show how you handle these types of situations. While the words are meant to harm your place of work, a proper response shows your stellar customer service skills. However, if the comment is too extreme to leave up, it is time to take the next step.

Flag the Fake Google Business Reviews and Prepare to Contact Support

Log into your GMB account to flag the Google business reviews as inappropriate. Once you locate the false comments, open the three-dot menu, and click the flag. Once you flag the comment, collect information to present to GMB support. Necessary information includes:

  • A link to the fake Google business reviews
  • A detailed explanation stating why the removal of this comment is essential:
  • An identical comment was left on another company’s page
  • A former employee made the comment

Once again, if the statement is true but you do not like it, contacting GMB support is a waste of time.

Contact GMB Support

After you complete the previous steps, go to the GMB Help Community. Follow the “Contact Us” tab to the “Customer Reviews and Photos” page. Here, select “manage customer reviews.” You then have the options of a callback, chat, or email, depending on your preference. Once you get in contact with a support team member, report the fake Google business reviews.

While Nothing Stop Fake Reviews, Strategic Helps Boost Positive Comments

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