Online reputation is more important than ever before. Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp and many other online platforms have the power to, quite literally, make or break a company. Today, a company’s reputation reaches much farther than it once did. That means your online image is one of the most vital assets you have available.

An online image is created in a number of ways. Here’s how it happens:

Your Company Website

Rather than drive by or meet you in person, customers now do their research online. Often, your company website is your customer’s first impression. As such, you will want your website to be inviting and informative, honest and useful. Including information like frequently asked questions, employee bios, contact information, and customer reviews provide a potential customer with a well-rounded understanding of your product or service.

Social Media

With billions of users on Facebook and millions on other popular social media channels, the concept of “word of mouth” has expanded exponentially. The average Facebook user has over 300 friends. With just one post, whether negative or positive, said user can influence the decision making of 300 people. Those 300 people can then turn around and share the information with their Facebook friends. Just one post about your business could cause one of two responses: increased patronage thanks to a positive post or a potential decrease in revenue because of one customer’s negative experience.

Social media is also a great resource for customer service. With proper social media management, you can see what customers are saying about your company. You also have the opportunity to solve problems much faster than you once did. A customer is more likely to vent online than in person.

Customer Reviews

Online reviews are now the go-to when customers are looking for a company to work with. Sites like Angie’s List, Trip Advisor, Amazon, and Yelp provide customers with a plethora of information about your company right at their fingertips. Multiple negative reviews about a product or service your company offers could deter a potential customer from doing business with you.

Navigating the online realm can be overwhelming, especially as a business owner. When managing your online presence, keep these tips in mind:

  • Monitor social media to see how customers are talking about your company
  • Respond to any negative reviews of complaints as quickly as possible
  • Keep your website information updated and accurate at all times

Let us be your online image manager!

Working with Strategic Media can ease some of the pressure of maintaining your online presence. With our SEO-driven content and social media management, we can make sure your online reputation is intact and managed in a timely and effective manner.

We can offer you:

  • Social Media Management
  • Tailored Web Design
  • Online Marketing

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