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Where you see problems, we find marketing solutions.

When users go to your page, we don’t want them to only see your logo. Strategic Media Inc., the best website design company in Tampa, wants users to learn about your company. We want them to get a feel for your corporate culture. Your website should say exactly what you are all about. With our custom web design services, we can make that happen!

You know from doing your own searches how many results Google produces with a simple search. If your website does not grab your audience’s attention within a few seconds they’re gone, diving back into the search engines and their million pages of results.

If the “Back” button is easier to navigate than your website, you’re losing too many prospects. User experience is vital to the goals of our marketing company and the success of yours.

Web Design Services

Our Design Process

Our collaborative, versatile and innovative approach to drive desired results.


Our first step as your web design company in Tampa is to meet with you to discover all there is to know about your company, what you want from your website, and, basically, what you are all about. We want your website to represent who you are. In this meeting we discover what you are looking for, who your competitors are, to get a feel for the type of custom web design services you need most.


Once we have a clear understanding of what your goals are for your website, our creative team begins brainstorming different ideas and ways to approach your project. We determine what will work and what won’t for your design. We use our experience and creative skills to hone in on exactly what messages you want your customers to receive and how best to display them.


There is a lot that goes into creating the perfect website. From the layout and theme, to the colors and pictures, we tentatively make sure every detail of your site suits you. This is the phase where our ideas start coming to life and framework and foundations are laid out.


Once the design has been set in place we begin filling it in with the content our professional copywriters have curated specifically for your brand. We create compelling copy that speaks the language of your customers. Our Tampa web design company conducts extensive market research– so you feel confident your website will answer the questions people are already asking.


We spend so much time working on your website, it is important for us to make sure that it works on every platform possible. Before we take your site live, we run a number of tests to check for usability. We make the final touches and make sure it is fine-tuned so that no matter who is looking at your site, or where they are viewing it from, they are getting a quality experience.


Once all the pre-launch tasks are done, we will launch your website for all to see. After a few post-launch checks, we will train you to use your site and make some content changes yourself. You will have full control of your site and have the option to change, add or omit anything anytime you want. In fact, we encourage it!

Our Web Design Services

We’ve Got You Covered



All of our sites are created using SEO-friendly practices. This means that all web elements follow SEO guidelines. Once your site is completed, it will be ready to receive full SEO services without having to convert any existing elements to SEO elements.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

People don’t just use their computers to view websites anymore. They use their smartphones and tablets just as much, if not more. Luckily, we create websites that respond to all platforms, with one simple and creative design. Beautiful websites, from anywhere!

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

All of our sites are optimized for mobile device viewing. You can choose to have just the basics displayed on your customer’s phones, or the content of your entire site. The choice is yours. We will be there to guide you through the process.

Design Makes A Difference

We create designs that both you and your customers will love.
Website traffic is great, but customers are better.

Did you know the background color of your website could affect whether or not a person deems your company reliable and trustworthy? With Strategic Media Inc, our Clearwater office is very particular about designing sites that have clear messages, unique designs, and simple usability.

The colors you incorporate into your marketing can have an effect on your consumers– because colors affect emotions. For example: Blues: Trust & Confidence Red: Excitement & Stimulating Greys: Stable White: Simple & Pure Orange: Vibrant & Energetic Greens: Calm & Relaxing.

If someone visits your website and cannot find what they are looking for in just a few seconds, all they have to do is click the “back” button and they have thousands, sometimes millions, of other websites to choose from.

Most people are visual learners. Although they may not read all the text you put on your website, they are likely to notice a lot of the pictures. That means if they are not high quality and captivating, they will probably lose interest.

It is important that the content on your website entices your visitors to take action offline. That is what our call to actions do. We make sure they are soundly and strategically placed throughout your website so visitors can call you with what they need, when they need it.

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