In a world heavily impacted by mobile devices and the use of the internet, one of the best decisions a company can make is to create a Google My Business account. This online listing is a great way for companies to boost and manage their internet presence. This resource is easy to register for and maintain. When used to its fullest, it helps boosts search rankings, making it easy for new and returning customers to find your page. Here is how to create your own.

1. Before you create a Google My Business account, determine if you qualify

You must meet specific criteria must it create a Google My Business Account. The company must be open or open within 90 days, and the person registering must be an owner or an authorized representative. Also, with a few exceptions, you need to interact with customers to their faces during operating hours, regardless of storefront or service area status. Available properties and online-only companies are not eligible for GMB.

2. If you Qualify, Search for your company

Before you create a Google My Business account, check to see if your accurate company information shows up during a search. Your next steps depend on the results you get. If your place of work shows up and is unclaimed, there are fewer steps to take. If the information shows up but is claimed, submit an ownership request for that listing. Finally, if your data does not appear, continue to the next step.

3. Create a New Listing

After following the previous steps with no results, go to and click “Manage Now.” Make an account or sign in with your current account. From there, follow the instructions given to create a Google My Business account. Remember to register with the correct option!

When you create a Google My Business account, you have two options: service area and storefront company. Your selection depends on where you provide your services. If you take your work to a customer’s home and want them to be able to find the areas you work in, select service area. Typical industries in this category include plumbers and electricians. If customers come to you, choose storefront. Storefront companies include restaurants and boutiques.

If your listing Exists, Claim it

Just because you do not need to create a Google My Business account, it does not mean the process is finished. To claim an already existing listing, sign to your account or make one. When your company’s information pops up during a search, select the “own this business?” or “Claim this business” link. Complete the given instructions to verify existing information and claim the listing.

If your Listing is Claimed, Request Ownership

If during your search you noticed no “claim this business” button, but your information included, then go to and search for your company again. When you own a storefront service, the listing will show it is claimed. Click “Request Access” and complete the form that appears. If you provide service-area work, complete your verification. After this step, an “Owner Conflict” message appears. Select “Request Access” and complete this form. Once the current owner responds, you can move on. If the owner denies your claim, appeal to GMB support. If the owner approves, it is time to turn your listing into its highest potential.

Let Strategic Media help Optimize your Listing

After you create a Google My Business account, the real work is not over. To get the most out of this feature, optimize your listing with vital information as well as additional information that potential clients appreciate having with only a simple search.

At Strategic Media, we have experience optimizing the online presence of companies in a variety of industries. From refining your company’s online information to transforming your website into a user-friendly page with a high search engine ranking, our experienced team makes all the difference in your site’s success.

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