Hiring a Facebook advertising agency in Clearwater and St Petersburg can positively impact your business. Facebook has a plethora of information regarding its users, which is excellent for reaching a specific audience.

Not to mention hiring a Facebook ads agency will take some of the stress off of your already busy schedule. Time is money, so utilize your time within other aspects of your growing company and leave the marketing to the professionals. Are looking to run Google ads? We do that too!

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Facebook Advertising AgencyWhat Does A Facebook Advertising Agency Do?

A Facebook ads agency offers services to clients aiding them in posting social media ads, specifically on Facebook. Services vary from company to company but here at Strategic Media Inc we ensure you get the most out of our social media services in Clearwater and St Petersburg by offering:

  • Monthly reports
  • Monitoring
  • Quality content and campaigns

Our Facebook advertising agency will provide you with monthly reports on how things are going. You won’t be left in the dark, wondering if our social media efforts are showing results.

We continuously track progress and keep you informed, so you’re right beside us the entire time. We also monitor your competitors to see what they’re up to on Facebook.

This way, we can compare and see what might be working for other sites. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Quality content is vital to success regarding Facebook ads and Facebook SEO in Clearwater and St Petersburg. Looking for simple Facebook SEO Tips?.

Ads need to be unique, engaging, and geared toward your target audience. At Strategic Media Inc., we have perfected the process for creating Facebook ads that are sure to catch potential buyer’s attention.

A Facebook Advertising Agency Has The Time AND The Experience

There are many routes available when deciding who will do your Facebook advertising. Maybe you want to do Facebook advertising yourself. However, we recommend leaving it to the professionals: the first reason being time management. Creating and managing campaigns can be very time-consuming.

Not to mention staying up to date with Facebook’s continually changing ad types and features. A Facebook Ads agency has the time to spend staying up to date and the experience to navigate through these changes.

Plus, you can trust their marketing experience and have a second to sit back and work on your company’s other aspects.

Is Facebook Advertising Really Worth It?

The evolution of other social platforms leads people to the misconception that advertising on Facebook is no longer worth it. But Facebook is still an excellent platform to advertise on considering it’s 2 billion monthly active users.

On top of that, 15% of social media users in the U.S. say they shop on Facebook. The social media platform might not be the most trendy amongst today’s teens. However, it is an excellent advertising platform.

Precisely Reach Your Target Audience

One of the most significant advantages of Facebook advertising with a Facebook Ads agency is the ability to reach a very precise audience. Facebook has a nifty tracking code called The Facebook Pixel. When you become a user, you’re automatically placed into a specific audience.

Your group can depend on factors like gender, age, relationship status, interests, and behaviors. Facebook then uses this information to target ads they know directly will pique your interest.

Eliminating users who aren’t in your target market can save you a lot of time and money. A big audience isn’t what you’re searching for.

But a quality audience of users you know will find interest in your products and services. If you want to see conversions, then value the quality of your audience over the size.

Build Your Brands Image

Using a Facebook ads agency in Clearwater and St Petersburg for your Facebook advertising is an excellent way to build your brand’s image. How important is your online presence? With Facebook you can communicate with potential customers and keep them updated on any new products or services.

Furthermore, this is a chance to connect deeper with your audience. Advertising on social media is not just shoving a product or service in your audience’s face. You’re communicating your brand’s message.

People will begin to feel like you’re more than just a business. This connection creates repeat customers who will speak highly of your brand, further growing your business.

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Strategic Media Inc. is a Facebook ads agency in Clearwater and St Petersburg that will help you meet all your social media advertising goals. We understand how important communication is. So you will never feel out of the loop when working with our company. Contact us online or give us a call at 727-531-7622 for any more information or questions.

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