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What Skills Define Local SEO ServicesA word to the wise…local SEO services in Tampa is not a simple task. Since every business is competing for the top ranking under a variety of search terms and phrases, not everyone can be at the top. It pays to hire the best and Strategic Media is certainly one of the best. There are companies who use outdated techniques or shortcuts that are designed to trick the search engines. Although these approaches may work in the very short term, they will ultimately result in your website being penalized by the search engines and thus, dropping in the rankings, sometimes permanently. If the SEO approach is considered unethical, often referred to as black hat, by the search engine companies it can result in your site being removed from a search engine’s index. Many consultants focus only on the hot new trends or a few facets of local SEO services, failing to address the over 200 parameters needed to get their website to rank well. An ethical and comprehensive approach, using only the techniques approved of by the search engines for giving the searcher the accurate results that they were searching for is the best Local SEO website design approach.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Most Tampa Bay and Orlando business owners believe that when their web designer made their website it was simply a matter of launching it on the web and people would find it. However, most web designers, although good at design, are not good at local SEO. As a result most business owners have to resort to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising sponsored through the search engines. PPC advertising allows you to bid against other companies for the desired search terms or keywords. The business then pays on a fixed cost per click to have their sponsor link ads listed on the right hand side of search engine results pages. These listings allow the business to bid on which search terms or keywords they want to be found under. Since there is no limit to the number of times a site may be clicked on in the Pay Per Click sponsor link section, most businesses must set a dollar limit for each month for their PPC campaign. Once that budget is used up the sponsor link ad no longer appears in the PPC section. These campaigns can be averaged to expire daily or simply end on the day of the month that the budget is reached. Many businesses outsource their Pay Per Click campaigns. This outsourcing typically costs about one third of the overall PPC campaign budget.

SEO Web Design

One of the most important factors when attempting to rank your website in the search engines is to be able to easily enter and move through the entire site, reading all of the content. Successful SEO web design requires a comprehensive knowledge of how search engines work to read the content on your web pages. 80% of your results will be based on the architecture of your website (this is what allows the search engines to easily enter and read the content). 20% of your success will come from what the content is in the website. Obviously, the content is not relevant if the search engine cannot read it. When it’s time for a new website design call us for the best Tampa SEO web design company.

Local SEO Services

After you have a web design that has an SEO compliant architecture, your next step is to make sure your content is relevant to the mission of your company. SEO content writing is a science. If over done, it can cause your site to actually be penalized. If done correctly, SEO content writing will bring your website to the top of the search engine rankings. Local SEO services are essential.

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