If your small business is now taking advantage of SEO, you’re moving in a great direction. But it may be a bit of a learning curve when you’re just starting out and we completely understand. That’s why we’ve created a fulfilling guide to understanding the best SEO strategy for small businesses.

Below are some great ways to boost your traffic and take full advantage of all the great benefits that search engine optimization provides. Especially for small businesses, considering SEO won’t cost you anything.

Tips For Perfecting Your SEO Strategy

Of course, not every business will have the same SEO strategy. It will vary depending on your target audience and the marketing message you’re trying to send. However, there are a few key elements that make a great SEO strategy for any small business.

Identify Rich Keywords

When you’re using rich keywords on your website it makes it easier for users to find you. There are a few great keyword research tools out there such as SEMrush and Google Trends.

The goal is to find keywords that your target audience searches the most. This way their inquiries lead directly to your content.

Locally Optimize

Local optimization is a necessary step for any SEO strategy. Claiming and optimizing your google my business listing, is the first step if you haven’t already done so.

-Claim/Optimize Your GMB Listing

Your GMB listing is the first impression most people will have of your business. They’ll use your descriptions and photos to judge whether they’re doing business with you or your competitors.

Fortunately, we’ve crafted a step-by-step guide on how to claim or create your GMB listing to guide you in the right direction.

Once you’ve followed that link and created or claimed your listing, it’s time to optimize. An optimized listing will,

  • Have all information filled out that Google asks for
  • Include professional relevant photos that show your business in a positive light
  • Incorporate Google Posts promoting products or news about your business
  • Show reviews

An optimized GMB listing is sure to make your business stand out. Portraying your brand in a positive light is sure to invite users that are actively comparing you to competitors.

-Ensure NAP Consistency

Staying consistent with information like your business’s name, addresses, and phone numbers is absolutely necessary and considered a ranking factor. Your information should remain consistent across the entire internet including, social media profiles and business listings.

If you abbreviate an address or name in one place and not the other it can make it hard to find your business. It also suggests to the search engines you’re not a reliable source of information.

Prioritize Link Building

A great link-building strategy will take you far in your SEO endeavors because it builds your domain authority. There are a few ways you can perform link building and doing guest blogs is a great option.

– Guest Blogs

In order to create domain authority, you need links going out and links coming in. By creating relationships with other businesses you can offer to write a guest post for them and link back to your own website.

Building relationships within your industry is essential plus you will increase brand exposure, leads, and traffic through guest blogs.

Take Advantage Of The Power Of Great Reviews

According to research, 98% of people read online reviews for local businesses. So those statistics definitely speak for themselves about the importance of having great reviews.

If you’re having trouble getting reviews, one awesome tactic that people often overlook is simply just asking. People are often willing to leave a nice review for your business. You can offer rewards as well.

– Responding To Reviews

It’s really important that regardless if the review is bad or good, always reply! People who leave good reviews like to feel acknowledged when they praise your business. When it comes to bad reviews instinct may tell you to avoid them altogether but it’s a great opportunity to show your business cares.

If you have bad reviews the public can see them, but they can also see how you respond. If you’re professional and proactive the reader may overlook a negative review. If you’re looking for more information on responding to reviews, check out our blog, How To Respond To Good And Bad Reviews.

Need Assistance Perfecting Your SEO Strategy?

SEO is broad, and even if you’ve crafted the perfect SEO strategy you may not have the time to properly execute it. As the leading SEO professionals, we understand just how time-consuming search engine optimization can be.

Luckily though you are not alone. Give us a call at 727-531-7622 or contact us online for quality SEO services that are sure to grow your small business.