Ask any online ads agency in St Pete and they’ll tell you that writing a digital ad is a far cry from the traditional billboard. The pressure is on to make sure that your listing grabs the consumer’s attention as they scour through their feed.

Indeed, the principles behind online ads are also entirely different to long-form content, blogs and SEO. You only have a split second to catch your scroller’s eye and acquire a sale. So how on earth do you find the words that will capture their attention? Let us tell you…

How to write the perfect online ad

Here are our insider tips on how to write an online ad that converts.

Less is more

Our online ads agency keeps your headline snappy and succinct with straight-talking keywords that make it clear what you are selling. Make a list of simple words and terms which instantly categorize your niche. For example, the likes of ‘bespoke handmade eternity rings,’ ‘luxury river cruises,’ ‘vegan-friendly make-up,’ or ‘electronics flash sale this weekend.’ Once you have a hitlist, there you can play around using the rest of our tips.

Understand your target consumer

While choosing your keywords, decide who your target customer is. Are you speaking to parents or grandparents who might be shopping for young children or teens? Or are you speaking directly to the end-user? Dive a little deeper; if you are promoting an event service – exactly what type of client does your venue cater for? For example, as an online ads agency in St Pete, we provide businesses in the local area with a tailored marketing solution.

State your USP

Tell your scrolling customer why they need your product or service and why you are the only one who can provide it. Are you the only restaurant in town that serves a particular cuisine or satisfies a rare dietary requirement? Or are you the first provider to offer a specific service in your area? Or do you have limited stock?

Talk directly to the reader

Aim to create an emotional link with your service or product. Our online ads agency uses your words to show that you care about their wellbeing. This is particularly relevant if you wish to promote a sensitive topic within the medical, healthcare, wellness, or veterinary field.

Remember to include an image

Words and pictures go together, so showcase your product or service with an image. This should be sharp, clear, and communicate precisely what you are selling. In place of a static image, you may benefit from using an animated GIF.

Outsource to an online ads agency in St Pete

We hope that our guide has inspired you to create the perfect ad that will catch your future customers’ eye! However, if you are still struggling to find the right words – you can always team up with a professional marketing agency.

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