Facebook is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. As well as promote your business. An optimized page that ranks well in Facebook and Google searches could play a vital role in reaching new customers. Not to mention bringing traffic to your website. You can gain this traffic by optimizing your page using specific marketing tactics. This is known as Facebook SEO.

By using a few simple techniques offered in this blog post, you are on track to excel in Facebook SEO. Accordingly, receiving higher rankings in the search engines.

Perfect Your Company’s Profile To Optimize Your Facebook SEO

Establishing trust with visitors on your Facebook page is essential. Think about it… Why would Facebook advertise pages that are incomplete and inactive? It’s in Facebook’s best interest to show their users complete and worthwhile pages when people use the search feature. Therefore, you must create a reliable connection with your audience. Give Facebook a reason to recommend you by providing detailed information about your business.

When Is Your Business Operational?

A piece of information to complete on your Facebook page is what times of the day your business is operational. This includes the days of the week that you will be open or closed. Letting others know when your business is open will do everyone a courtesy.

When people waste their time trying to contact or visit your location at incorrect hours, you’re creating a poor user experience. However, with this Facebook SEO technique, you can increase your chances of turning a searcher on Facebook into a customer. Provide the same hours, addresses, and contact information across your digital channels.

Sharing Contact Information Is A Beneficial Facebook SEO Strategy

Sharing contact information for your business will also have a positive influence on your local search area. Anyone who searches for you on a mobile device in your nearby location will easily find you. This is thanks to location tracking done by the app. Additionally, if someone searches for businesses on Facebook in the area you have listed on your profile, this is yet another chance for customers to find you.

Having a social media profile is a suggestible factor for increased visibility and domain authority on a local level. It can help nurture your audience. Facebook SEO can also improve your visibility in search results and build your credibility.

Backlink to Your Facebook page

It is the search engine’s job to guide you to the site with the highest authority. Links play an important role in what the search engines rely on to determine this factor.

Google recognizes the sites that are linked to your page. Once the sites are “seen”, Google figures out where the other sites are coming from. If the link is from a reputable site, the link proves to be a big recommendation.

The more important the links are that are connected to your page, the more trust will be given to the page. To increase your page’s credibility further, be sure to supply a link to your Facebook page when creating new content on any platform. Examples being, Pinterest, your blog, or YouTube, etc.

Using this Facebook SEO technique is simple to apply. Not to mention it’s a great way to gain your visitors’ trust and direct new followers to your page.

Utilize Facebook Notes

Using Notes on Facebook is an engaging yet underused way to interact with your audience. In fact, this tool is great for providing information on the latest news about your business and your upcoming events. Google uses these Notes to run index post searches. This is done by using the keywords within the Notes to determine your search ranking.

To access your Notes on Facebook, you will need to add the Notes app.

Complete this by:

  1. Going to page settings
  2. Click the app link in the left sidebar
  3. Click add Notes App
  4. You can relocate the Note app in the Added Apps Section
  5. Click go to app link
  6. Click the Write Note button to add a new note

Use this Facebook SEO technique and add keyword-rich content into your Note to increase your page rankings.

Also, be sure to caption any images you add to your Notes. Use a title and description with keyword-rich content. Comments made to these captioned photos make the Note valuable. Therefore, increasing its’ visibility to your audience. This shows the users that you are active in your social channels and encourages them to further interact.

Try Out Facebook SEO Techniques

These techniques, paired with adhering to Facebook’s guidelines and publishing engaging content, can absolutely improve your search rankings. Additionally, it can increase traffic to your website from Facebook, helping your SEO there as well.

You must engage your audience as a credible brand. Being a credible brand will consequently lead to securing a trustworthy connection with users. Thus, attracting them towards your website. The easier it is for Google to recognize you through backlinks to your Facebook page, the higher your site’s chance to have a higher authority. So, utilize these quick tips to optimize your Facebook SEO to create a superior Facebook page for a positive user experience and promote your business’s growth.

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