If there’s one thing our St Petersburg SEO experts know, that’s how to produce content that both converts and ranks. And exactly how they do that? Well, today, we’re going to share our insider secrets. Read on to discover how you can get your content in front of the eyes of thousands of readers.

Five things our St Petersburg SEO experts excel in

Naturally, keyword research is an essential tool for all SEO professionals. But, in order to make your content rank – you need to do much more. Here are our 5 top SEO tricks.

Build a portfolio of backlinks

Google and other search engines respond favorably to websites that other pages and blogs link back to. Essentially, any high authority backlinks you have connecting surfers to your site give it a vote of confidence. While this can happen organically if your existing content is already coming up in searches, you’ll still need to get proactive and approach sites yourself. We suggest you approach other websites with a high domain authority (DA) – ideally anything over 30. In general, older websites carry more weight than new sites. Avoid spammy links at all costs as these can harm your SEO.

Channel creativity through YouTube

Our St Petersburg SEO experts have cottoned onto the fact that there’s so much more to YouTube than addictive cat videos. Indeed, YouTube is officially the second largest search engine after Google. With a thorough game plan, placing video content on YouTube may impact your exposure in SERPs. You’ll need to ensure that all videos are optimized through metadata, descriptions, and the content itself.

Repurpose and refresh existing content

Because SEO is all about organic growth, it pays to continue nurturing your content even after it’s published. Do a regular audit on your pages and revitalize blogs periodically. If you have a post of fewer than 500 words, expand it to boost both the word count and value. If older content isn’t getting any traction, assess how you have presented the content. Consider repurposing a dusty blog as an infographic. Want to learn how? Click here.

Target your local audience

Our St Petersburg SEO experts are dedicated to growing traffic among our local community. If you run a business, such as a beauty salon, medical clinic, or home improvement service, this is so important. Start adding your location into your keyword strategy and targeting other local businesses in your backlink agenda. Do your research and find out exactly how potential customers search in your area.

Publish evergreen content

Of course, it’s essential to stay abreast of current trends and topical developments within your industry. However, do not overlook the value of evergreen content. Evergreen posts are the ones that remain relevant and in-demand all year round and, in fact, for decades to come. It can include content such as tips and tutorials. Make a list of some ideas that are relevant to your business and factor them into your strategy.

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