Bing SEO Vs. Google SEO

The tactics of applying on-page SEO are very straightforward, however, the finer points that matter vary depending on the search engine. In other words, there is no precise way to implement on-page SEO for every search engine. Each element, depending on the search engine, has different ranking factors that affect your ranking on a results page. For instance, both Bing SEO and Google SEO utilize varying algorithms to determine how a website is ranked. Below we’ll list and discuss the differences in greater detail as each will affect your SEO strategy.


To begin, each search engine targets or tends to be used by different audiences. Google is generally utilized by the younger generation. Bing on the other hand is on average accessed by the older generation. Furthermore, Bing users average an income of $100,000 a year and typically have children. This is thought to be why Bing also produces better conversions as its average demographic tends to be more mature and wealthy. Consequently, an SEO strategy for Bing will alter from that for Google as their audience reaches different potential markets.

Reading Key Words

Through machine learning or artificial intelligence, Google has acquired the ability to examine the context of keywords. The program RankBrain takes this context to analyze searcher intent, otherwise known as a semantic search. In other words for a Google SEO strategy, it’s crucial to maintain both a valuable keyword or words and topical relevance. In contrast, Bing is more precise and puts greater weight on straightforward targeted keywords. Consequently, for a Bing SEO strategy, it’s important to use it wherever possible such as in the domain, meta description, as well as the H1 and H2 title tags.

Meta Keywords Weight For Bing SEO Versus Google SEO

When it comes to meta keywords for Google they are practically irrelevant. In other words, having keywords within your meta tag is not a ranking signal within Google. Therefore, it is not crucial to include these when implementing your Google SEO strategy. However, Bing SEO highly values meta keywords and they, along with the descriptions themselves, have a large impact on your ranking. As a result, including a meta tag and relevant keywords within, especially in the beginning, is crucial to successfully conduct a Bing SEO strategy.

Multimedia Value In Bing SEO Versus Google SEO

In contradiction to Bing, Google generally doesn’t reward multimedia content. This can be from videos to photos to audio files. Meaning Google for the most part ranks based on text-based content and is unable to crawl Flash websites very well. Bing on the other hand does reward multimedia content so the more photos, videos, or audio files you have on your website the better. Furthermore, Bing is able to crawl or interpret websites utilizing Flash much better than Google.

Social Media

Lastly, Bing SEO also puts much more weight on social media than Google. This means that the stronger the social signals are for your website the better it will rank in the Bing search results list. To achieve a powerful social signal it’s best to engage with your audience by way of tweets, shares, likes, or allowing the public to leave reviews or recommendations.


There are many different \factors for different search engines. Knowing what people are searching for on Google and Bing is what SEO agencies do. We have been in business for over 27 years helping businesses succeed in the digital world. If you are looking for St Pete & Clearwater Local SEO assistance or anywhere in the United States call us at (727) 531-7622. We look forward to helping you succeed.