The link-building strategy is not a novelty but a must-follow tactic for SEO and those who strive to promote their website and reach top-ranking positions in organic search. This strategy implies many good practices, and dealing with someone’s’ broken links is one of them. What is it? Why is it important, and how to do it right? You will learn about all this below.

What Are Broken Links?

So what are these links? These are hyperlinks with a 200 code that lead to pages with a 404 code. In simpler terms, these are links that lead users to empty pages. Surely, it spoils user experience and damages the website’s reputation in the opinion of its visitors and search engines. Web resources that are teeming with broken links are considered low quality, so the chances of reaching top SERP results in SEO are quite low in this case.

Is the Broken Link Building Effective?

It is no secret for advanced webmasters and site owners that this strategy is not as popular as it used to be. Today guest posting is considered a more effective strategy. But experts know that if you use these strategies in tandem, it is possible to get great results.

Also, many business owners do not know how to implement this strategy correctly and do not want to waste their time on it. But if you know the essence of the guest posting strategy, then the broken link-building strategy will not seem complicated.

To put it simply, you have to replace someone’s’ broken link that leads to a relevant page with your content and a link to your website. This strategy is a trick but a very effective one.

Why Is This Strategy Important for Business Website?

Doubt whether you need to implement a broken link-building strategy? Next, you will make sure that this strategy is worthy of your time and attention. If you haven’t gone further than using an automated link-building service, then it is very relevant.

  • Dealing with your broken links is an opportunity to improve the site’s quality and provide users with a better user experience and increase SEO rankings. It is much more useful to implement a broken link-building strategy than to remove such links. You can find out more about it on the website.
  • This is an opportunity to get an influx of traffic almost equal to what you may get from using a guest posting service.
  • You get new channels of cooperation, which can later be used for guest posting and other purposes.

How to Implement a Broken Link Building Strategy?

The following mini-guide will help you understand what and how you have to do step by step to transform someone’s’ broken links into more effective ones for them and you:

  1. Search for broken links. It is recommended to pay attention to the resources that are in the same industry as you. The more “active” the site is, the better for your resource. It is wise to check the links of competitors. For instance, use Ahrefs to reveal such links.
  2. Contact the webmaster. This is one of the hardest parts, as you have to contact the webmaster and offer to replace their link with your link. To facilitate this process, convince the webmaster that this way, both parties will win. You will receive an influx of traffic, and the webmaster will receive no broken links and high-quality content.

Agree, the implementation of this strategy is very similar to the manual implementation of guest posting. If you are confident that your site has quality content, then this tactic will work. However, be prepared that when you contact the top sites, you may not get an answer. Therefore, in addition to the quality of resources, the quantity will also be important here since the more potential sites there are, the lower the refusal rate.

The point is that such sites can receive hundreds of such offers, especially if the sites already have experience of such cooperation. They will very carefully select partners for themselves. Therefore, it makes sense to take care of your content as well. The quality content increases your chances of link building and working with top sites.

The Bottom Line

Should you try this non-obvious strategy? Yes, you are better to try. Advanced webmasters and SEO analysts use this strategy in combination with others to achieve amazing results. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to devote time to this tactic, then be sure to do it.

~ By Nancy P. Howard