There needs to be some kind of strategy behind the keywords your agency chooses. The whole point of using keywords is so your audience can find you in the search engines. That’s where SEO keyword research comes in. You, as well as your SEO agency, have the opportunity to really learn about your audience. If you don’t know about the interests of their prospects, how will you know what they’re searching for on Google?

This blog will cover why SEO keyword research is so important for your marketing agency and how to perform thorough research.

Competitor Analysis

When you’re small business’s content is being optimized for the search engines, your competitors are a useful resource. Through SEO keyword research, we can see what keywords your competitors are ranking for. With this information, we are able to analyze and adjust your strategy. Plus knowing where you stand in your market, means having more specific goals on where you need to go.

Ensure You’re Targeting The Right Audience

Your target audience is the people most likely to buy your products or need your services. It’s important that you’re using keywords that your target audience is using in their Google searches. Otherwise, your content is shown to uninterested people.

SEO Keyword research will provide the data you need to ensure you’re picking keywords that will guide content to the right audience.

Avoid Useless SEO Efforts

SEO Keyword research shows important data like search volume and SEO difficulty. But there’s also information available like first-page competition and how many people actually click on a search result.

You can use this data for a strategic approach at SEO instead of a trial and error method. Save your time and avoid useless SEO efforts.

Social Media For SEO Keyword Research

When performing local keyword research, it’s unwise to only use keyword research tools. For a deeper look into your audience, social media is the way to go. You can utilize various social sites for research, such as,

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Generally, when you’re on social sites doing research it’s about observing conversations. What is your audience talking about? What questions do they have?

There isn’t a built-in research tool, so you have to get creative. But there are a plethora of content and keyword ideas available that stem straight from your target audience.

Why Is A Deeper Look Into Keyword Research Important?

You might be thinking, why should I go on social media when SEO keyword research tools provide all of the information I need? It’s because they don’t. They provide the technical information but it’s beneficial to take it a step further.

You can find unique content ideas and discover new pain points to help solve. Not to mention getting a better understanding of your audience means you know how to provide the best help you can.

Perfect Your Local SEO Keyword Research Strategy

If you’re running into issues with your SEO attempts, or don’t have the time to manage everything yourself, we’re here to help. At Strategic Media Inc. we have a team of experienced professionals that will get you back on the right track.

Contact us online or give us a call at 727-531-7622 for any questions or information to perfect your SEO keyword research strategy.