Are you wondering how a Facebook ads agency can help you earn money on the most popular platform out there?

If you aren’t using ads on Facebook, you’re missing out big time, and falling behind competitors quickly. Luckily though, the assistance of a experienced agency can come in handy.

Having an optimized website is essential. But your online presence should incorporate social media as well, specifically Facebook. Some might say that it’s a “dead” platform. However, there are vast opportunities to target a very specific audience when advertising on Facebook.

” You’ll be shocked. Social media doesn’t just drive users. It drives paying users and it’s really effective and you can track all of it with analytics these days.” – Neil Patel

A Our Facebook Ads Agency Will Provide Quality Advertisements

Facebook has a metric for measuring ad quality called a relevance score. When you have a high relevance score, more people will see your ads, and you can pay less for them as well. The scores go from one through ten, one being the worst and ten being the best. An excellent area to shoot for is between seven and ten.

Suppose your numbers are on the lower side. In that case, it could be wise to bring in a Facebook Ads agency to help you create quality advertisements that will engage users. How does Facebook measure your relevance score? Well, that’s where things can get a bit tricky. It has nothing to do with things such as your comments, likes, and shares. But the anticipated response to your Facebook advertisement.

How Does Facebook Anticipate A Response?

Your campaign goal and audience granularity are used to determine whether your ad will get a positive or negative response. However, your relevance score isn’t static. Facebook understands that the interest of users is continuously changing.

So when users are no longer engaged, then it’s time to show them something new. A Facebook ads agency has the time, resources, and experience to stay up to date on your relevance score and create quality ads.

You Can Count On Us

Life happens, and we just have to find ways to work around it. A Facebook ads agency is reliable to perform any advertising needs, even on days where life gets busy. So no matter your busy schedule, we are here to support your business through Facebook ads.

Furthermore, we have years of experience in the marketing industry. We know what works and what doesn’t. So you can trust our marketing efforts to get you ahead of competitors.

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Create Custom Audiences

Creating custom audiences is one of the greatest advantages of Facebook advertising, and a Facebook ads agency is very familiar with this process. It makes sense when you think about it. If your ads are seen by people most likely to buy your products, then this means they will get the most positive attention.

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