What should you do if your content isn’t creating the momentum that you hoped for? Well, instead of flooding the internet with new posts, you should repurpose your old content. There was a reason it didn’t rank well. Assess this reason and make some changes! Less is more when it comes to producing content. You want to create quality content, not just a bunch of it.

Finding Content That Deserves Repurposing

The popularity of topics that you write about is continually changing. Commonly, a post you didn’t even particularity like will rank exceptionally well. So when you’re looking for content to repurpose, focus on topics that are currently relevant. Ubersuggest is a really cool tool available to do keyword research for repurposing your old content. It’s unnecessary to put effort into blogs with keywords that aren’t ranking or topics that aren’t getting clicked on. Focus on posts that matter in the current time.

Update Old Posts With New Information

Thing’s change over time, and we have to acknowledge the opportunity this change brings. We grow and learn every day, so a post you made years back could drastically improve if updated with the knowledge you have now. Furthermore, you can accommodate any new trends like numbered lists or thriving keywords. Google is continuously changing how content is found. Staying up to date on recent SEO trends and then implementing them into your old content could significantly increase your traffic.

Repurpose Your Old Content Into Different Formats

You don’t want to run into duplicate content issues, and a way to avoid this is repurposing old content onto different platforms. You can take a section from a blog post and actually post it on a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter or oven turning it into video on YouTube. This brings your content to a whole new audience, and you didn’t have to spend time creating brand new content, and it doesn’t end there.

Benefits Of Repurposing Your Old Content

  • Save time
  • Reach a new audience
  • Increase ROI
  • Become a subject master

Creating new content can be extremely time-consuming. Repurposing old content allows you to have more free time to work on other important things you need to get done. Plus, writing multiple times on a topic gives you a much broader perspective on the matter. The sky is the limit when it comes to learning new information.
Working on old content can also increase your ROI. If those posts rank better with the fresher information or reach a new audience, this is money in your pocket. More money and more free time definitely sound worth it to me.


Repurposing old content is essential to your site ranking well. It’s simpler than creating brand new content but just as beneficial, if not more. Quality content is way more important than a lot of content. If you’re looking for a professional to repurpose and optimize your content, contact Strategic Media Inc. online or give us a call at 727-531-7622.