The world of marketing is extremely complex and can get a bit confusing. All of the strategies and techniques in this day and age to convince someone to buy your product can become overwhelming. These are all the basics of content marketing and how it creates a brand reputation to support and grow your business in a positive light. 

Content Marketing Explained Easy

Content marketing, in simple terms, explains the process of using “content” or a story to market a product and connect users with the brand. We have all seen those car commercials that look like previews to a sappy family movie. They are trying to sell cars, but what they’re really doing is selling a story. They are marketing with entertainment or an inspirational approach to pull on your heartstrings. Sure the car is cool, but traveling across the country with your family, everyone wants that. The company isn’t trying to shove the product in your face but stimulate interest in what you’re going to do with the car and create a wholesome family angle for their brand. 

How does Content Marketing Differ From Product Marketing 

Product marketing is more sales-focused, whereas content marketing is more brand focused. They want to connect customers with their brand on a personal level. They want the consumers to know what they stand for and, in turn, earn their loyalty. It’s not just about bringing money in and selling products; it’s creating a relationship between the brand and the customers. Which is essential to the future of your business and the experience of your customers.

Why Is It Important For Consumers To Connect To The Brand?

  • Outshine competitors
  • Build trust
  • Enhance brand reputation

The first thing good content marketing will do is set you apart from competitors. Everyone can sell dolls, but the doll with an exciting story behind it is obviously going to stimulate the child’s mind. You will also build trust with your buyers when you have a good brand reputation. You make that reputation through content marketing. If you’re creating content, people find engaging and valuable that will reflect on their opinion of your products. 

Your Content Strategy Depends On Your Audience

You’re either looking to entertain, inspire, educate, or convince when you’re writing content. You need to directly focus on what your audience wants to hear. You need to ensure your content resonates with them through the process of guiding them to buy your product. For example, if your intention is to educate, then you will take a more rational approach. Your audience feels like you helped them solve a problem. 


Remember to always create content that resonates with your specific audience. Content marketing is about connecting your customers to your brand and making your product feel more than just another thing to buy. Telling a story with your product is basically all that content marketing is, so don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s an essential marketing strategy that any salesperson should rely on for creating their brand name. If you have any questions or want more information on content marketing or digital marketing, call Strategic Media Inc. at 727-531-7622.