If you’re considering launching a new business website in St Petersburg, the timing couldn’t be better. Recent reports show that consumers spend an average of 6 hours, 42 minutes online each day!

But, we understand that you may be in two minds about whether you really need a site and hesitant about making the financial investment. Let’s discuss the reasons why you may want to take the plunge.

Does my small business need a website?

Let’s be frank. Nowadays, most consumers expect all businesses to have a web presence – regardless of the company’s size. As shoppers become more conscientious about purchasing decisions, they are likely to mull over a product before committing. Many do like to consult a company’s website and do some online research before investing. Here are some secret web design tips.

Benefits of launching a new business website in St Petersburg

Here are the five key benefits of creating a website for your small brand in St. Pete.

Build awareness

In the modern world, where people spend such a large chunk of their day online, your website is a prime way to get noticed. Besides selling your products or service, your website can share your story and build awareness of your brand, leading to even more business over time.

Command authority

At the same time, even a simple one-page site commands authority to your customers. This is a space where they can get to know a little more about your company, ethos, products, or service. Sprinkle testimonials from previous customers to show that you are valued. Furthermore, start an informative blog that shows how well you know your industry.

Low cost

Business websites are a remarkable way to promote your shop or service without breaking the bank. Launching a website bears some start-up costs, but after that – it’s a marginal amount. In fact, thanks to SEO, it is essentially free advertising. If you are wondering if your business needs SEO services, read more here.

Additional sales

Even if you have a physical store or office, you can supplement your sales with your tasteful new website. Incorporating an e-commerce store is as easy as pie. The friendly professionals who create your new business website in St Petersburg can set this up for you and show you how to run it.

Attract new customers

When it comes to businesses like cafes, restaurants, salons, and gyms, customers will often hop online and search for places nearby. That means that if they type in ‘coffee shops near me’ and you are the closest option, you might just be top of the list!

Getting a business website in St Petersburg

If you want to chat about launching your website, we recommend collaborating with a local web design agency. That way, you’re dealing with a team familiar with the local industry.

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