There are many routes you can take when choosing a “structure” for your website in Clearwater. What’s important to remember though, is a website with a better site structure for SEO will rank higher up search engines. Site structure is an aspect that web designers often overlook or misunderstand, despite being crucial to your website’s ranking. So what is the proper site structure to obtain the best SEO score?

What Is CTR?

CTR is an acronym that explains the “click-through rate.” It’s a percentage of how many people click on your website divided by how many times it’s shown.

Google uses CTR to determine which websites the users are most interested in. That’s how Google works, they learn from user experience and adjust accordingly. If you have a poor CTR percentage, your site will most likely rank lower on google and get less traffic. 

A Websites CTR Is Influenced By Site Structure 

If you create a colorful, organized website, people will feel more inclined to read your content. The brain needs to be stimulated, and a unique font and a little bit of color can really bring you a long way. Creating a good user experience is vital to your ranking.

However, you don’t want to get too crazy with it. Your site needs to be easily read, and going page to page should not seem like a chore. Having an organized website will also help Googlebot crawlers index your pages better to return that content to search results. In turn, more of your content will pop up as search results for users. 

4 Steps You Can Take To Obtain Proper Site Structure For SEO

  1. Remove old content 
  2. Have a simple hierarchy to maintain organized for users and google crawlers
  3. Don’t create too many categories
  4. Use internal linking 

The first three steps are mainly just organizing and simplifying your site. You don’t want clutter, or the user becomes overwhelmed and doesn’t know how to reach what they need. This pertains to google as well. They also need to easily read and navigate your site to make your content more available. If you aren’t ranking well it could also be a sign its time to switch web designers

More On Internal Linking

Internal linking describes the links between pages on your website. They’re incredibly beneficial to establish information hierarchy and helping google pinpoint your most relevant information. It’s valuable to link all your content. Still, your primary focus should be internal linking to main pages and subcategory pages to get the best site structure for SEO.


Having a proper site structure will allow users and google to better navigate your website. In turn, this will give you a better CTR and possibly boost your SEO score. Improve your website with these steps, and your site could be ranking in no time. If you’re looking for a web design company near you in the clearwater area, give us a call at (727) 531-7622.