A successful website is one of the key components of any successful company in St. Petersburg. If you are wondering how your site ranks with search engines, an SEO analysis can help you get the data you need. Trust the professionals at Strategic Media Inc. to give you an honest, insightful evaluation of your current website, your online presence, and how you can improve and bring in more clients.

What is SEO?

Most website owners have heard the term “Search Engine Optimization” and know that it is crucial to the success of their website. Search Engine Optimization is the process required to rank well in search engines with the goal of attracting good quality web traffic to your site. When we say good quality web traffic, we mean the sorts of web users who will buy your products or use your services.

Sometimes it’s tricky to know what it is that draws the right traffic to your site, but performing an SEO analysis provides you with a report of how people land on your St. Petersburg company’s website. Where your visitors come from, and what keyword terms are helping them come to you matter. When you know this information, you can use it purposefully to enhance your marketability.

What is an SEO Analysis?

A report will give you a thorough look at your website that provides you with an accurate account about how your site ranks with search engines. Not only is this a good way for you to get statistics about your website, but the information is necessary for your company to grow. We will need to get a good understanding of your site before we can make a plan of action and quote you for the services your site needs to take your company to the next level.

A proper SEO analysis should provide you with a detailed report about important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Site statistics include information about the number of people who search using the keywords connected to your company. Knowing what those keywords are will help you tailor your site so that it is found when searchers use those terms.

Knowing how your competitors rank also gives you a competitive advantage. Your report will allow you see how other companies in your niche are doing compared to you. Local SEO analysis is important because it matters whether your site visitors are coming from the right area or not. For instance, if you provide a local service in St. Petersburg, Florida, but have internet visitors coming from St. Petersburg, Russia we can help you to tailor your website in a way that attracts local clients who will benefit from your business.

What’s Google Thinking?

Google wants to provide users with the most accurate results possible. So when you’re creating content you want to manipulate it towards the users needs and what google would consider strong content. Google functions off of user experience and if people are clicking right in and out of your site this looks bad. If you don’t have sufficient links or you’re using random keywords your site won’t have any authority. This is why SEO services actually work because google cares about quality and recognizes the efforts SEO services use to optimize websites.

Let Strategic Media Help You Understand How Your Site is Doing Today

Strategic Media can assist you with your SEO analysis so that you fully understand the current state of your website. Once you have that information, you can start improving your St. Petersburg company. Don’t lose potential customers with a site that is not getting the right traffic — call us today at 727-531-7622 or reach out to us online.