With almost three million people in its metropolitan area, St. Petersburg, Florida, is a city burgeoning with enterprise. The nightly gridlocks grow denser every day as the town transforms its identity from tourist destination to Florida’s destination for business. But St. Petersburg’s bustling streets aren’t the only place you will need to compete in traffic, more websites tagged with the keyword St. Petersburg pour in every day, and Google’s bots are complicating the landscape for emerging businesses, making web design for companies more important than ever. Consequently, having a website that is well-designed will give your customers a calm port in a storm of listings.

Anticipating Navigation Using Web Design for Companies

First impressions are the most important, and this is especially true for web pages. Your customer has arrived, so don’t let them leave without a proper greeting. The average customer performing a cursory Google search stays on each page for approximately fifty-nine seconds. Having a friendly and easy to navigate web page will ensure they find the content they need quickly.

Using simple and consistent colors and fonts is one of the easiest ways to eliminate distractions on your website. By placing clearly written information in anticipated locations, you can be sure that you are effectively communicating with every user. Also, it is incredibly important to use consistent fonts for all of your website’s text. Sometimes people new to web design for companies will attempt to gain a customer’s interest using flashy colors and complicated fonts; but this practice is not recommended. Often these fun fonts and bright colors can prevent your customers from finding the information they were looking for.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, a desktop web page is simply not enough. Optimizing your website for mobile use is an incredibly important step in any web design for companies. In addition, usability becomes a paramount issue the smaller the screen gets. By supplying a well-placed mobile menu, you won’t lose a customer out of frustration.

No Wait, Come Back

Having consistent web design for companies is the key to foot traffic. The congested roads of St. Petersburg can prevent customers from stopping by, and in this same way a cluttered web page can make customers look right past you.

So, if you are ready to take your traffic to the next level, the experts at Strategic Media in Clearwater, Florida will have you turning heads, digitally. With over twenty years of experience, we have helped business owners all over the St. Petersburg area grow and flourish. Get started today by contacting Strategic Media or calling 727-531-7622!