When creating an online page, it is vital that you put careful thought into every aspect of creation to ensure a useful site. Here are six essential web design principles that turn ordinary sites into flourishing businesses.

1. Give your Page Purpose

There should be a reason behind the creation of your site. When it comes to web design principles, giving your online profile purpose is the one to consider first. No matter what industry you work in or what services you offer, there is a reason for designing a webpage. Before you begin physically creating your site, determine whether you are looking to provide entertainment, information, or another service. Your site should fill your visitors’ needs.

2. Tasteful Color Schemes

The colors you use can determine the way a person feels about your business. Keep color psychology in mind when working on your online brand. Some web design principles affect potential customers without their knowledge, and color schemes are one of them.

Different hues create specific responses in a person’s brain, making a careful color selection a vital part of your creation process. Remember to utilize white space, making your page appear neat and clutter-free. Keep your color palette simple with only 3-4 colors. Finally, think about the emotions you want visitors to feel when they see your online business and research the colors that coordinate those feelings.

3. Fonts Made for Reading, Not Decoration

Fonts are one of the web design principles that consumers will notice right away. While different fonts match different styles, remember to keep it neat and straightforward for your online visitors. Again, a company’s online presence should reflect the needs of the consumer. One need most consumers have is the need to be able to read your text. Cursive and swirling typefaces may be cute, but they serve no purpose of customers struggle to read the words.

4. Mobile Compatibility—one of the Most Necessary Web Design Principles

Mobile compatibility is one of the most essential features of today’s market. Many people who discover your webpage will do so with their mobile device. If you do not offer a mobile-friendly version, you will lose customers. When a person has trouble navigating your site on their phone, they are more likely to return to search results than hop on a desktop.

5. Ease of Navigation

Mobile compatibility and ease of navigation are two web design principles that go well together. When a person cannot operate your site on their phone, they return to the site. Similarly, if a person cannot maneuver through your webpage on a computer, they will find a site that is easier to manage. Visual hierarchy and clickable buttons are two aspects of navigation to keep in mind. Organize information in a way that causes visitors to read the most important information first. Studies show most people scan sites in an “F” pattern, meaning the details you care the most about should fall within this shape on your page.

Strategic Media

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