The ability to properly capture and hold your audience is a skill that can be both taught and learned. This skill is called SEO Optimization. Through writing a blog, or website, in SEO Optimized form you’re able to create more consistent traffic and higher search ranking. This is done by means such as keyword usage, internal linking, concise organization, and more. When correctly executed one can greatly increase the number of people visiting and remaining on a site or blog.

The Importance of Keyword Research

How do you wisely choose a popular topic for your SEO Optimized blog? When starting with a blank slate you want to choose topics of interest based on search engine data. Basically, you want something that is popular and people care about in order to earn more consistent traffic. To see the local trends you can use a tool like Google Trends to get popularity data. This allows you to plan your content strategically and can lead to new ideas. If you already have a topic in mind it is beneficial to research keywords based on that topic.

Semantic Keywords for Focus Keyword

When choosing keyword ideas for an SEO blog it is good to be careful and choose keywords with the highest search volume but lowest competition. This is the focus keyword which is simply the phrase that is most likely to be searched for. Different tools, such as the All in One SEO plugin, will set the focus keyword in the article or blog’s SEO settings and tell the user how effectively it’s being used.

Once your focus keyword is found, you want what is called Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords. These are searches that are related to the focus keyword. They can be located at the bottom of Google in the related searches after entering in the focus keyword. You want to incorporate as many of these words or phrases into your content as possible.

Importance of An Effective Title

  • relevancy to search query
  • motivation
  • use focus keyword in the title

By using an effective and accurate title one can increase the relevancy of a website or blog post. Doing so can increase a user’s motivation to click and improve what is known as a site’s click-through rate (CTR), which is extremely important.

It is good to consider words with Emotional Marketing Value or EMV, which are simply words that trigger an emotional response. These are powerful words and can increase the likelihood of someone visiting your website or seeing your blog post.

Making Internal Linking a Habit

By including internal linking in your SEO-optimized blog your able to connect readers to older but still relevant posts. This provides a relationship between the two posts. Though, be careful not to a 1-way internal link which is when a writer exclusively links older posts to new articles.  Be sure to go back and link new articles to your older posts as well.

The Value of Images/Videos

When writing a blog the real goal is engaging content as the more it captures your audience, often the higher it will rank in the results. How do we make a piece more engaging? This is done through more than just proper organization, but images and/or videos can also be of great assistance. It is best to place images between paragraphs and to be wary of image copyrights.

What is and Why have a Meta Description?

A meta description is the HTML meta tag that can be added to any page or SEO-optimized blog post. It is a short description of an article, blog, or website for search engines ( as seen from the example ). A catchy meta description will draw people to your copy and improve the click-through rate. You’ll see it when sharing an article on most social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In this area, it is most helpful to mention your focus keyword at least once, preferably earlier rather than later, and have a character limit of around 155, as after this any information will be trimmed.


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