When you’re writing regular blog posts for SEO, your text length may vary depending on the kind of content you’re writing.

To create cornerstone content, the average word count you want to reach is one thousand. These blog posts or SEO pages should be thorough and explain your topic extensively. Cornerstone content is like the “main” pages that you’ll want to link your other content to.

The information below explains:

  • How long blog posts should be for SEO
  • What cornerstone content is
  • Why longer content may rank higher
  • How strategic SEO may benefit your business

All aspects of SEO can make a difference in generating traffic to your site, even optimizing your word count and consistent regular blogging.

Writing Regular Blog Posts

If you’re putting together a blog, the general SEO recommendation for word count is three hundred and fifty to five hundred. However, don’t feel discouraged to write more if you haven’t fully encompassed your topic.

Some tips for writing SEO friendly blog posts include:

  • Planning out your content
  • Breaking up your content with paragraphs and headings
  • Using transition words and making your content easy to read
  • Including related keywords and long-tail key phrases
  • Linking to other content

For the best chance at ranking in the SERPs, you want to incorporate these tips into your content. It’s also vital you link these pages to your main content, or cornerstone pages, and make sure your content is fresh.

Cornerstone Content

Cornerstone content should be your best and most valuable content. In a way, these blogs should be your “main” pages. How will Google know they’re your main pages? By having efficient internal linking structures. For example, your cornerstone content may be about SEO as a whole, but you can write shorter blog posts about topics relating to SEO and then link those pages to the main one. This may also help you rank for highly competitive keywords. This content should be a thousand words or more.

Why Might Longer Blog Posts Rank Higher?

Along with a strategic interlinking structure, lengthier content means more information, which is a greater chance you will help the reader. Google’s goal is to find the best result possible.

If the algorithm is sorting through a blog of 3oo words vs. a blog with 800, it’s safe to assume the longer one would better educate the reader. That’s why longer content (usually around 1,000 words) may rank higher.

Don’t Compromise Quality For A Higher Word Count.

Do not compromise the quality of your content to make it longer. You will not see higher rankings, as your content is not informative or useful to readers. Word count is not the only ranking factor that Google considers. So the quality of your content is just as important.

How A Strategic Approach To SEO Will Benefit Your Small Business

There are many ways to perform SEO, and our team at Strategic Media Inc. is confident in our strategies and methods. One of those methods being word count optimization for blog posts and SEO pages.

With efficient SEO, a small business can find more potential customers to convert. Not to mention SEO allows a small business to compete with larger companies. Regardless of your marketing budget, you can still rank higher in the organic search engines.

If you’re looking for professional assistance creating blog posts, working on other elements of SEO, or need an updated website, you can contact us online or give us a call at 727-531-7622.