As we all know, first impressions are important. People judge very quickly and your domain name can communicate a lot in just a few words. It will have a huge impact on your brand and business, and we want to help make sure that this is a positive impact, with these 5 key tips.

  • Less is more
  • Utilize relevant keywords
  • Avoid numbers and dashes
  • .com should be your first choice or at least one of them
  • Ensure you stay within legal bounds

While there isn’t an exact science to choosing the best domain name, we’ve laid out some general guidelines to lead you in the right direction.

1st – Less Is More

One thing that consumers will enjoy until the end of time is convenience. If you have a really lengthy name, it can be hard to remember, or a task to type out. Keep your domain name 2-3 simple words, this way it’s easy for users to find you.

2nd – Utilize Relevant Keywords

If someone googles construction services near me, and construction is in your domain name, this lets Google know you’re relevant to the user. Certain names are insanely expensive for a reason. Having popularly searched keywords in your domain name exposes your site to so many more people.

Now, it is hard to find a great domain name with your keywords, that aren’t already taken. This is when you have to get crafty. Combine other words with your keyword to find something that hasn’t already been taken. But keep it short and simple!

3rd – Avoid Numbers And Dashes In Your Domain Name

Dashes and numbers lead to easy typos. If the only difference between you and a competitor’s site is a dash, there’s room for mistakes. The user could accidentally leave out the dash and then they’re brought directly to your competitor’s site.

Not to mention dashes can lower the credibility of your website. Hyphens are an indicator of spam domains, and you definitely don’t want to be associated with any of that. So when you’re choosing a domain name, leave out any numbers or dashes.

4th -.Com Should Be Your First Choice

As you probably know, .com is the most popular domain ending. However, there is a plethora to choose from now like .me or .coffee. It’s becoming popular to choose these unfamiliar domain name endings because most of them are still available.

Before you choose a random domain ending though, always try to first stick with .com. It won’t directly affect your rankings but sometimes it is good to stick with what’s familiar to users. Odds are they’re going to type in .com out of habit alone.

5th – Staying Within Legal Bounds

It’s essential that you aren’t using brand names or trademarks from other companies. This can put you in legal trouble and suspend your domain. One way you can ensure you’re staying within legal bounds is a trademark search.

When you look up your potential domain name on Google Domains, it will tell you if those options have already been chosen. So more than likely you’ll be in the clear.

Lastly, Don’t Stress Yourself Out about Finding A Domain Name!

It’s easy to get in your head when finding the “perfect” domain name. At the end of the day though, don’t overthink it. You’ll find something awesome that represents your company and you can even use name generators if you’re really having a block.

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