Local SEO ServicesIf you want to have the best local search engine rankings in your industry, you need to hire the best Tampa SEO company to manage your online marketing. Even in these challenging times it is possible to stay ahead of the competition with the right marketing and advertising. The number one way to advance business is through your website. The consumers who are looking for you are doing so online. Out of all the businesses in your industry, the companies who are at the top of the consumer’s internet searches are the companies who will have an opportunity to get the business. As time progresses, these companies will surely dominate the market. Here’s everything you need to know.

Local search engine optimization is the best way to get your website to the top of the major search engines and target the customers in your area. By hiring the best Tampa SEO company, the customers who want your products and services will find you. If you have an un-optimized website, consumers who are actively looking for the services you provide will find your competitors instead.

Not only do you need to be on the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), you will want to be found under numerous search terms related to your industry. So who will you hire for the job? You will find everything from individuals working out of their homes to web designers to the best professional SEO  firms who specialize in website optimization. How will you choose which will get you the results you need?

In-House Local Tampa SEO

Both large and small Florida businesses may consider doing their local SEO in house. By using an employee, companies attempt to optimize their website with their IT person or a part-time web designer. Unfortunately, the individual who handles the company’s network and computers seldom has the skills required of a full professional Tampa SEO services. Even worse, the IT employee, when unable to produce the needed results, may try to block the outsourcing of the search engine optimization to protect their job. Larger companies may opt to hire a professional in house. The professional in house SEO is a good choice, as one individual can dedicate 8 hours a day to the businesses’ search engine optimization needs. If you intend to hire a full time employee, expect to pay $80,000 a year for a good optimizer and $200,000 a year for the best.

For most businesses the outsourcing of services is a desirable solution. Look for a company that is focused on local SEO in Tampa Bay. Ask to see the results the company has achieved for their past and current clients.

Search Engine Optimization Software is now available, allowing businesses to utilize the talents of the best Tampa SEO. The software can duplicate the knowledge of the industry, but is not normally affordable to most companies. Our process is the first, and currently the only, automated SEO software solution. Site Search Architect is a content management system that “thinks” like a SEO. As new web pages and content are added to the website, the software makes correction to the technical side of the website, keeping it search engine compliant. Site Search Architect also is continually updated to correct for the changes the search engines periodically make to their algorithms. This is an incredibly powerful tool, allowing businesses to compete with large, national companies, who are able to pay for the best Tampa SEO services.

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