What Do SEO Tampa Services Include?The best Tampa Bay SEO company is for business owners who want the best path to financial success. With the declining use of the yellow pages, the business’s website must be found by the consumer searching for a product or service. According to a study conducted by comScore, 2008 was the tipping point where the internet became the consumer’s first choice in finding products and services.

Florida business owners should be aware of the following facts:

  • The majority of Americans, including Tampa Bay consumers, are turning to the internet rather than the phone book to find local businesses and services.
  • Ninety percent of online commercial searches result in offline transactions.
  • Sixty-one percent of local internet searches result in a purchase.

The internet has radically changed the way consumer’s research and find businesses and services. The challenge for local businesses is to be found by these consumers who are actively seeking regional companies to do business with. Targeted Tampa Bay SEO is the process of bringing the company’s website to the top of the search for consumers attempting to find the company. The presence of the company appearing on a Tampa SEO search not only results in commerce for the company, but it is also critical for the company’s credibility. If the company does not appear in the search, the consumer may question the reliability of the company. Search Engine Optimization focused on Tampa Bay is the answer.

Tampa Bay SEO and Maps

What role do search engine maps such as Google Maps play in Tampa Bay SEO? The maps are a free service offered by the search engines. To appear on the search engine maps, the company must submit their information to the search engine. Although this service is free, it must be done correctly to have any significant benefit. Each Florida business category will be treated differently by the search engines. It pays to have an expert do the submission. However, it is unnecessary to pay a large monthly fee to maintain this service. Strategic Media, Inc offers this service for its clients and is considered a valuable supplement to search engine optimization in Tampa. Be aware of search engines, such as Google, who use GPS to determine where your business is located. Your company’s mission is to always to improve and maintain your local SEO for your website’s long term success. The use of map submissions, which are intended to trick the search engine into placing you on maps outside your area, may result in your website being penalized or your listing being removed, which obviously is not helpful to your website’s SEO in Tampa. In business categories where there are numerous submissions, the companies are rotated through the listings and may not appear on the maps at any given time.

SEO Services

It is import to identify a clear business strategy based on the geographic areas targeted for local Tampa Bay SEO. There may be geographic areas within the Bay region such as Clearwater, St Pete, Lakeland, Sarasota, Bradenton or even more specific areas such as Seminole, Palm Harbor, Brandon, Riverview, Plant City, Trinity that your business wants to either target or avoid. Your SEO web design can use specific local SEO services to give you results in that area or any specific Florida geographic area desired.

Converting Searches to Sales with SEO in Tampa Bay

The desired result for most businesses is to use their website to create a revenue stream through sales of products and services. Many believe the only purpose of Tampa SEO is to bring their website to the first page for the major terms used in searches for their Florida business category. The truth is that most of those search terms are being used by consumers in their first phase of research and shopping, prior to getting specific on what to buy. The smaller used search terms are often much more productive at catching the buyer at the point they are ready to buy. The best Tampa Bay SEO at converting searches to sales will usually come from the more specific searches, and sometimes the more obscure searches. This long list of smaller searched terms is known as the tail. The best search engine optimization will create a long tail. These long tail searches are often called the money searches. The best local Tampa SEO services will optimize your website for smaller searched terms and create a long tail that will produce a much better conversion of searches to sales.

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