Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can make or break your St. Pete business success online. In fact, 80% of Americans check their email at least once everyday. While some St. Pete companies avoid email marketing, or overuse it and blow up customer emails, if used effectively, this marketing strategy can actually boost customer loyalty and bring in more leads for your business.

 What Is Email Marketing?

 Email marketing is more than just sending out a bunch of emails to subscribers. There is actually a specific science behind it. It is an effective tool that is used to drive sales, build brand community, and inform consumers about upcoming promotions, your company’s values, and fulfill a particular purpose in the consumer journey.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

In 2021, email marketing for your St. Pete business focuses on a specific, strategic mailing process that avoids the one-size-fits-all approach, and has moved toward a personalized, consensual, and segmented delivery process. This means:

  1. Always asking for email addresses to avoid sending unwanted emails
  2. Keeping your email list secure
  3. Tailoring the content to customer needs

Message marketing is a crucial element in the buyer journey that works to fulfill a specific purpose and a clear CTA, or Call-to-Action, which tells the customer what they need to do next. For instance, is the goal to get them to call your office? Or to make a purchase? The CTA should involve direct engagement to encourage consumers to make a decision.

This could be promotional emails that offer a special deal for new or returning customers, informational emails with a company newsletter, or announcements about upcoming new products or ways the company is giving back.

There is a specific method to these campaigns, depending on your purpose and your goal. For instance, you could send out 5-10 emails spread out over the course of a few days or weeks to remind potential leads about your company and products without overloading them with spam.

This marketing tool is an effective channel that helps to deliver your message straight to consumers through specifically targeted and optimized email messages. Using this marketing tool to your advantage can bring in substantial benefits for your company and your goal.

What Are the Benefits?

 There are many benefits to email marketing for your St. Pete business, including affordability and accessibility to quickly and effectively market to your consumers. This type of marketing is not only efficient in these ways, but it can also help promote:

  • Conversions
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer loyalty

 1. Conversions

 Email marketing allows you to drive sales by sending out marketing campaigns to your subscribers in the St. Pete area. This results in increased conversions – or selling your products and services. You can increase your conversion rate by emailing special discounts or special offers, such as birthday emails, welcome emails, or reengagement emails. Or, you can email cart reminders if someone was shopping on your site and left a few items in their online cart to encourage conversion and to nudge them to finish their purchase.

This marketing strategy also enables you to track analytics to see your conversion rates and determine exactly how effective your marketing strategies have been, and what needs to change. This is incredibly beneficial for your marketing success to improve the effectiveness of the buyer journey.

2. Brand Awareness

 Using email marketing provides increased brand awareness that other forms of marketing may not be able to achieve. You can send emails out to a large number of recipients for a lower cost than other marketing channels, and pop up in subscribers’ inboxes to stay at the top of their minds.

Utilizing this strategy helps bring personalized and optimized awareness to your brand by staying engaged with your target audience. Through these specialized marketing strategies, you can help your customers stay up-to-date on promotions, news, and other information, as well as appeal to them through optimized content.

3. Customer Loyalty

 Email marketing is an effective method of improving customer loyalty to your brand. It helps you drive customers through the buyer journey from lead-nurturing all the way through to retention. Customer loyalty is all about building relationships with people so that they support your brand and so you can meet their needs. You can use this marketing strategy to build a community of loyal consumers. Getting them excited about your brand can help lead to higher conversion rates.

4. How to Get Started

 When it comes to email marketing for your business, oftentimes the toughest step is getting started. At Strategic Media, we specialize in assisting companies in the St. Pete area to implement optimized marketing strategies for their brand to promote customer loyalty and increase conversions. To learn more about how to effectively utilize this marketing strategy, contact us today or call (727) 531-7622 for more information about email marketing in St. Pete.