What Is Google Guaranteed?

When your home requires service, whether it be a handyman or a plumber, or even an electrician, it’s comforting when you can trust the company you select. This is exactly the purpose of Google Guaranteed.

Offered by Google it’s a verification service that requires businesses to go through various screening processes to prove legitimacy. Therefore, when this badge is displayed users can rest easy knowing the company they’ve chosen is both secure and reliable.

Additionally, being Google Guaranteed helps to prevent fraud and promote smaller local businesses. These establishments have a more difficult time earning consumers’ trust compared to large corporations since they aren’t as well-known.

Consumers tend to trust brands they know and shy from those they’re unfamiliar with. However, with Google Guaranteed potential clients can have more confidence booking a smaller business with the knowledge that they’re verified and legitimate. This is beneficial both for the business and your local community.

Google Guaranteed: How To Register

Getting started with Google Guaranteed can be a fairly easy process. It begins with creating a Google My Business (GMB) profile. Once this is done, you’ll want to register for Google Local Service Ads (LSA).

Local Service Ads will display your business’s information such as its address, reviews, contact information, and hours of operation.

Next comes the somewhat tedious screening process. In this step, your company must pass a business-level screening process to obtain the prized green checkmark.

This means providing a business license and passing the liability insurance check and verification.

In addition, the owner of the company must pass their own background check. Furthermore, for some categories each individual within the company must pass their own license check. Also, any professional that will be entering a home must pass a background check.

To keep a hard-earned Google Guaranteed verification it’s crucial to maintain all licenses and insurance policies. A business may also want to regularly update its GMB profile, seek out positive reviews and address negative ones.

Ranking and Reimbursement

Possibly one of the most alluring parts of participating in Google Guaranteed is the lead generation it provides through higher ranking.

Participating in LSA bumps the company higher up on a results page thereby making it more visible to potential clients. With visibility comes leads and with leads comes increased conversions and revenue.

Furthermore, Google Guaranteed provides reimbursement of up to $2,000 per customer in the United States and Canada. This may seem like a drawback on the business side but it’s actually beneficial for both parties.

For instance, the customer must file a claim within the first 30 days of the initial service completion date. A service receipt with payment details and the business name is required to be included.

Google contacts the business in question after the customer submits their claim. At this point, the business is able to reach out to its disgruntled customer and address any problems or issues.

Consequently, potential clients can feel secure about their money and a company can resolve any unforeseen issues for future customers which guarantees many more satisfied clients.


In reflection, it’s difficult to truly see any drawbacks to Google Guaranteed. It provides a business an air of authenticity and a potential client with calm assurance. No matter the service both parties benefit.

Furthermore, it helps companies grow, supporting local business communities with increased visibility and higher rankings on search results pages. No more feeling overshadowed by behemoth corporations, as the best handyman, plumber, or electrician may be just around the corner.