Videos are great for SEO as long as you’re optimizing the video content. They engage readers with something easily digestible and convenient. People love convenience, so they’re more likely to stay on your page longer and explore other pages if they can consume the information in a way that’s fitting.

Additionally, people learn in many different ways. Some people can read a “how-to” blog, and they’re good to go. In comparison, visual learners need to see exactly how it’s done physically. So by including video content, you can solve all consumer’s pain points, no matter how they take in information. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that videos are visually appealing and can catch the eye of consumers.

How To Optimize Video Content

Unfortunately, videos themselves won’t make it very far without an optimization strategy because there isn’t written content associated with them. You can optimize videos by,

  • Including keywords in your title, meta descriptions, and tags
  • Promote videos on multiple platforms
  • Add transcripts and captions to videos

You want to perform keyword research and include rich key phrases into your title, descriptions, and tags like traditional SEO. This way, the search engines are aware of the contents of your video.

Another excellent optimization tactic is altering the title of your video and promoting it on multiple platforms. Google and YouTube are the top two search engines, so you’re exposing the content to nearly twice the amount of consumers with this method.

There are many ways to optimize video content, and our team at Strategic Media Inc. understands the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t. So if you’re looking for some assistance optimizing your video content, we have your back.

Can Google “Crawl” Videos?

The short answer is no, and that’s why it’s important to create written optimized content for videos. Otherwise, Google won’t know its relevance to users. One way you can combat this issue is by adding transcripts and captions for your video.

Now Google will be able to pick up on keywords said in your video’s audio, not just the ones included in your title and meta description. Consequently, you have a better chance of reaching the top spots on the results pages because of a higher and more diverse key phrase density.

Additionally, videos with closed captioning are typically watched more often on mobile devices. It may not be appropriate to watch a video with audio in certain social situations. So captions allow the user to still watch the video without disrupting the space.

Videos Can Improve Your Sites Bounce Rate

In simple terms, a bounce rate is the percent of people who click off your site without exploring other pages. Usually, if you have a high bounce rate, this indicates that your site is boring or doesn’t provide adequate information.

Videos are an excellent strategy to keep people on your page longer because no matter how well-written your content is, after so much reading, people can get bored. A video solves that problem by providing information that doesn’t take as much energy to digest.

It’s the same concept as making infographics and using pictures. They’re a less intimidating way to provide people with information. It’s all just right there, ready to be absorbed by curious users.

What’s Considered A Good Bounce Rate?

An average bounce rate is between 50-60%, and anything below that is excellent. Although, if you have a percentage exceeding 70%, this is not good for your SEO efforts. So it’s essential that you’re aware of your site’s bounce rate and using it as a tool to measure progress.

A high bounce rate isn’t always an indication of poor user experience for every website, though. It would make sense for a website that announces events with a high bounce rate because people often need a time, date, and location. But for a website selling clothes, a low bounce rate may be something to look into.

Does Bounce Rate Affect Ranking Position?

While bounce rate may not directly affect ranking positions, it’s often a sign that your consumers have a poor user experience. So it’s not something that should be ignored.

Committed professionals from our team can figure out what’s causing the low bounce rate and get it back where it needs to be. One way is to engage and inform users through optimized videos, keeping them on your site longer.

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