Local Web Design - St. Petersburg“Why should I invest in local web design?” This is a fair question that many people ask, especially when it seems like anyone with a computer can do it themselves. In these harsh economic times, it seems like everyone from college students (who are notably always broke) to business owners are putting a serious halt on spending. So, why would you want to pay out-of-pocket for something like the layout of your website? Consider the following when making your investment decisions for your neighborly St. Petersburg business.

Local Web Design Is an Involved Art

Creating websites, managing them, and the very intricate art of Search Engine Optimization is not something you can just follow, line for line out of a book. It requires years of formalized training and, at the very least, experience in the field. That is why it is best to leave your needs to a local web design company in St. Petersburg instead of going the do it yourself route. Do you know what goes into search engine optimization? It takes:

  • Learning and relearning search engine protocols on a daily basis
  • Keeping your website up-to-date with white hat school versus black hat school of SEO
  • Generating new, original, and interesting content on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

If you are a business in St. Petersburg and you want to be found on the first page of search results, you need to have your website optimized. Building it on the cheap will get you nowhere, and no customer net traffic. Instead of throwing away your money, invest it in local web design experts who know the area and can boost your business like never before.

Do Not Just Grab Graphics

A site on the internet is more than some words slapped onto a notepad document; there are pictures, graphic, textures, images, and more involved. You may be tempted to search Google for whatever you think is relevant, grab it, and slap it on your site as a background, but there is a good reason you should not: copyright. Most photographs are the intellectual property of the photographer, and using them without buying the rights (licenses) can result in litigious results. However, all is not lost, as a local web design team can help you through the creation process, and they will have access to high-quality images and art that will not get you sued. These talented artists can use great programs like Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to modify or even create images for your St. Petersburg company.

Social Media Integration Is Essential for Businesses

Social media is becoming more prevalent every day — just think of a major corporation that you know of that does not have Twitter, Facebook, or even an Instagram account. One in six people in the world have a Facebook page, so if you do not have a page for your business, you are setting yourself up for failure. However, just because you have social media accounts, that does not mean you should automatically make one for your livelihood. If you design it improperly, you may end up with laughter instead of sales. Or worse, become the next meme. A local web design team in St. Petersburg will have experience in managing Twitter or other similar accounts and generating content for you. There is no downside to this, because:

  • Social media accounts themselves are free, you pay people to manage them for you.
  • People are always online (average 4+ hours a day).
  • Potential customers will be exposed to your company around the clock.
  • You will gain access to a new market.
  • Good management gains goodwill from the public.

No matter how you make your money in St. Petersburg, having a social media management team can prove to be a big bonus for you if done correctly.

Support Your Community

Buy local has been a rallying cry for many communities across the years, and that is especially true in St. Petersburg. You get the kind of community you invest in. It is a good thing to go with a local web design crew because they are more in touch with your community than some overseas company that knows nothing about Tampa Bay. In addition, small business owners often give back to their community and develop networks and relationships amongst other business owners in the area, and your business can thrive from the partnership established here.

Strategic Media: Your Local Web Design Team

Going with the smaller local web design company is not just an investment in your community; it is a decision you make that is going to benefit you in the long run. Choosing to invest with talented, passionate experts to run your Facebook page, build your websites, and design your graphic pieces will result in better rankings and that means higher internet traffic. If you want the best local web design in St. Petersburg, or elsewhere, give Strategic Media Inc. a call today at 727-531-7622.

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