A web developer’s job is rather complex. Developers in Clearwater are continuously looking for tools and ways to simplify the process without compromising application functionality. For example, Laravel is an excellent software framework that supports the development of web applications. If a developer is enjoying creating code, then their work will reflect that. That’s why at Strategic Media, we have a team of motivated and willing PHP Laravel developers to efficiently develop applications without so much stress.

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What Does A PHP Developer Do?

PHP Laravel developers deal with the back-end aspect of a site. They build and maintain web applications and, while performing this job, use the Laravel framework to simplify the process. There’s no need to waste time rewriting functions for every single project. Your PHP Laravel developer can focus on more essential aspects of the application such as,

  • Functionality
  • Innovation
  • Design

When your developer can spend time on what’s really important this means a more efficient process and an all-around better end product.

What Is Laravel?

Laravel is a web application framework that assists developers in many ways. According to free code camp, almost 135,000 sites have been built using Laravel. It’s open-source, easy to understand, and completely free. Some of the common tasks that Laravel can simplify include, caching, authentication, and routing sessions. So there’s no question why it’s so appealing to developers.

What Makes Laravel Stand Out?

What makes this framework stand out from others? Laravel incorporates

  • MVC architecture
  • App testing features,
  • Blade templating engine
  • Eloquent ORM

Among other rich features to relieve your coding experience of the typical stressors. A PHP Laravel developer sure is a lucky one with all of these great features to speed up and simplify the development process to have an even better outcome.

MVC Architecture

Model-view-controller or (MVC) architecture comes in handy when taking on larger projects. PHP Laravel developers can simplify their coding structure using MVC. Consequently, the unstructured code that comes along with larger projects is easier to work with.

Organizing larger projects with more than 5 files is also more efficient when you’re using Laravel. Not to mention finding files in the logical directory is easier with MVC support as well. You can see how your files will look in the real world. This gives you the first-hand perspective so you can make any necessary improvements.

App Testing Features

Proper testing is an essential aspect of development. If there are any defects or bugs, you want to become aware and make changes before delivering to the client. Of course, you want to deliver quality software you know is reliable and easy to use. So web developers should definitely consider Laravel’s exceptional app testing features.

Laravel runs extensive tests on two different directories, including unit and feature. The unit tests are for smaller code segments, whereas feature tests are relevant to larger codebases. Laravel makes app testing easier on the developer by performing multiple tests at once. This further ensures any changes made are adequately tested. The end result is high functioning and bug-free application.

A PHP Laravel Developer Will Utilize The Blade Templating Engine

Template engines are responsible for handling the majority of textual data in web applications. Additionally, templating engines can simplify the coding process by allowing you to reuse small portions of code across multiple HTML files. This can save your PHP Laravel developer time that can be better spent on other portions of your site.

Laravel uses a specific engine called the Blade templating engine. Without compromising the application speed or performance, the Blade templating engine allows for extending layouts and data display to simplify the process for web developers. Create unique and aesthetic layouts with Laravel’s Blade templating engine.

Eloquent ORM

ORM stands for the object-relational mapper. As explained in the name, ORM allows for simple communication and interactions between you and your database objects. Database management is an essential aspect of web development and Eloquent ORM makes this process more straightforward.

In addition, a PHP Laravel developer can easily build and customize models. This is yet another way to simplify things and save precious time while developing.

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