Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to expand your reach on potential clients and generate more traffic to your website. There are many different social platforms and a lot of ways you can use them to your advantage. According to Statista, social media is taking over, with 70% of the population having at least one social media platform. So don’t disregard an excellent and cost effective marketing opportunity right at your fingertips.

How Effective Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is very productive in terms of growing your business and being cost-effective. If you have limitations on your marketing budget, then social media will soon become your marketing playground. Not to mention 97% of marketers are now using social media because this is where your customers are. You don’t even have to do research or look at studies to believe this. All you need to do is look around a room of people, and the majority will have their eyes glued to their device.

Social Media Allows Consumer To See Another Side To Your Brand

Users on socials are more receptive to marketing tactics because it feels more personal. Instead of a direct approach of just trying to sell, social media allows the consumer to connect with something more in-depth than the product, which is your brand.

The Importance Of Connecting With Customers

Creating a deeper connection with customers gives your brand a good reputation and will provide you, loyal consumers. Consistent customers are ones who feel connected and trust your company. Not to mention, these customers become advocates for your business. They might recommend your products or services to friends and family, which brings in more leads, further growing your business.

Building Your Social Media Strategy

  • Set realistic and meaningful goals
  • Do extensive research on your target audience
  • Research your competition
  • Create valuable and engaging content
  • Stick to your timelines

Your strategy for marketing on social media doesn’t have to be crazy complex. With just a few steps, you can expand your online presence and reach more people included in your specific target audience. 

Remain Competitive In Your Industry

If you aren’t marketing on social media, there’s a good chance your competitors are. You don’t want to fall behind while others are building up their social media presence day by day. Furthermore, you’re missing out on the opportunity to show customers what your brand represents on a more personal level, and this is what, in the end, will set you apart from competitors.

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