Leads are money, and every business wants to make more money. We have been recognized as one of the Top Florida Branding Companies by DesignRush and with the guidance of an SEO professional, you can expand the outreach you have on potential customers. Through this exposure, more people now have the option of choosing your business.

Furthermore, we have innovative targeting tactics that will show your products and services to people who are most likely to buy them. This way, none of our SEO efforts are lost to consumers who are not interested in your business.

5 Ways An SEO Professional Turns Visitors Into Leads

Search engine optimization and lead generation go hand in hand. If you have a great SEO strategy, your digital marketing efforts will support consumers through the entire process of purchasing your product. Plus, the brand exposure itself is beneficial.

Below are five of the best SEO practices to generate more leads for your business. We utilize all of these tactics in our SEO strategy, and through years of experience, our team understands what works.

1. Innovative Targeting Tactics

The first step is finding your target audience. We’ll create a customer persona for your audience. Once we have made and defined this persona, content can efficiently reflect their needs.

Creating this persona can reveal your audiences,

  • Motivators
  • Frustrations
  • Desires
  • Questions

Having this information allows us to create specific content that readers can relate to and easily engage with. The next step is guiding readers through the content in a way that complies with their thinking.

2. Our SEO Professionals Will Perform Content Audits

Content audits reveal the strengths and weaknesses in your content. You can see which content is performing the best and get rid of content consumers are not engaging with. We then use this information to see what content your ideal leads go for.

You can also check out pages that have high impressions but low conversions. This may signify that your content was good, but readers fell off of your sales funnel. We wouldn’t toss this content but edit it to guide the user through the buying process more smoothly.

3. SEO Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are a great tool to use for your SEO strategy. What’s working for them and what’s not is more than likely going to be the same for you. SEO professionals have been enhancing their strategy for years and years. So taking a page out of competitors’ books could be helpful.

Analyzing competitors also gives insight on how to outrank them. If most of their traffic is coming from social media, this may be a good time for you to focus on search engine optimization tactics.

We perform competitor analysis through many different research tools. Through our observations, we can make informed decisions on how to get you ranking and start generating leads.

4. An SEO Experts Content Strategy

Writing content that satisfies users throughout the whole purchasing process is crucial. Otherwise, readers won’t stay within your site because you aren’t answering the next question they have about your products or services.

If you’re selling hurricane shutters, someone would first be curious about the best shutters out there. Then, they’re probably going to want to know where to get them. After this, they’re curious about finding the best deal they can. If your whole article only talks about the best shutters, with no links to direct them to other pages, you’ll have difficulty creating conversations.

Our team of SEO professionals will work with you to create an expert content strategy that works for your specific business. Every company is different, so we’ll tailor a plan that aligns with your marketing goals.

5. Extensive Keyword Research

Essentially, keywords are Google’s indicators that your content may be relevant to a user. With proper keyword research and the addition of other ranking factors, you gain more traffic. Excellent keyword research paired with an expert content strategy will have you on your way to creating more conversions.

We perform extensive keyword research using tools like SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Google trends, and many others. This way, we can include keywords in your content that we know your audience is searching for. Our team is also looking at information like SEO difficulty, indicating how likely a keyword is to rank.

SEO professionals understand the power of extensive keyword research and will use it to the best of their ability to create more leads for your business.

Contact An SEO Professional

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