Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an intimidating aspect of running a website, but mastering the most important points of SEO can increase the reach of your services to searching audiences in Clearwater. Here are three important rules to follow when optimizing your site:

Have what Google is looking for

Google decides what it likes and doesn’t like about online content and bumps what is most relevant to the top of the search list. An optimized website should be search engine friendly by sticking to the basics of SEO.

  • Pick an effective theme with text and titles that are easy to read.
  • Page titles will appear in search results, so ensuring they are clear will help viewers know what they can expect when entering the site.
  • Post content that is unique and relevant.
  • Effective and quick navigation will rank well with Google. Whether you have a few pages or hundreds of pages, a confusing hierarchy will confuse viewers.

Avoid what Google hates

Google has several turnoffs and a few wrong choices when doing SEO can cause the readability and rankings to drop.

  • “Word stuffing” is attempting to boost your rank on search engines by over-using keywords. Only use keywords where they are effective.
  • Avoid unclear phrasing and grammatical errors as both discredit your site.

Figure Out What Your Audience Is Searching For

Finding out what your audience is searching for is not all that complex, so don’t overthink it. If you’re running a construction company in Pinellas county, people will search for things directly related to that topic. For example, people might search for things like “reliable construction company near me in Pinellas.” Before you start off on your optimization journey, pull out a notepad and pen to jot down some ideas of what people are potentially searching for. After you have your potential ideas, you can actually type them into google and look at common keywords other content has in their titles. There are also sites like Ubersuggest, which are a great tool to find ranking keywords. 

SEO is Versatile

When people leave their computers and are on-the-go in Clearwater, make sure your business can go with them. With social media and portable technology, the options are endless.

  • Link your pages to your social networking pages to interact closer with your viewers.
  • Posting videos and pictures will help rank higher and are a draw for viewers to see your work in action.
  • Create a mobile friendly page to make sure your site is viewable on all smartphones and tablets.

Following these SEO tools for your Clearwater business will help boost visibility and get viewers to your site, but your content will make them clients and customers. Posting genuine content that exhibits your product or company is ultimately the best and most effective thing you can do to improve your rankings.

If you need help to get back on the map, know that Strategic Media Inc. has all of the necessary tools and skills to work with you to optimize your website to Google’s standards. Give us a call at 727-531-7622 or contact us here to get started!