Brand Logo | Strategic Media Inc.Your brand’s logo is a very important piece of the puzzle in regards to your brand’s success. It’s absolutely essential that it stands out to consumers and accurately relays your brand’s identity.

Regardless of what your industry is, there’s bound to be some competition. Your logo is one way you can confidently set yourself apart from competitors and stay relevant within your market.

Below we’ll explain the characteristics of a great brand logo and useful tips for creating a logo that will stand out to consumers.

Characteristics Of A Great Brand Logo

There are a few things that every great brand logo should be.

  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Timeless
  • Memorable

Those that overlook the influence of a brand’s logo are truly missing out. It is a staple piece for your brand and what users remember you by. Plus, a solid logo can even influence consumers to trust you more.

1. Understand Your Audience

When it comes to any aspect of marketing, knowing your audience well is an absolute necessity. This makes sense considering connecting with consumers is how they learn to trust you and enjoy interacting with your brand.

Doing research on your demographic is a great way to find out what will appeal to your audience. Age is a great example of how demographic may directly affect your logo. Bold colors and strong contrasts catch the eye of children, while older generations prefer a more conservative or basic design.

Understanding your demographic is key to customizing your brand logo with more accuracy.

2. Remember That Less Is More

A busy logo is hard to “read” and challenging to remember. That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to create the most minimalistic design you can. However, when creating a brand logo it’s wise to keep in mind that less is definitely more.

Make use of your negative space too!

3. Be Original

It’s fine to gain inspiration and ideas from other companies, but you want to shoot for an original and authentic logo. If your logo looks like everyone else’s it won’t stand out. The goal is to make a lasting impression on consumers.

4. Create A Brand Logo That’s Timeless

You want to be careful if you plan on following a trend to develop your logo. Trends come and go and your brand logo stays consistent. When you create something timeless it will make an impact on consumers throughout its entire lifespan.

5. Grasping The Psychology Behind Color Choice

Your design elements are important but your color choices can have a drastic effect on how people will perceive your brand through your logo. Colors invoke specific behavioral patterns in humans, so you want to get crafty with your color choices.

Here are some examples of which colors may promote which feelings and how they may relate directly back to your industry.


Red is a very popular marketing color because it’s bold and exciting. It promotes urgency as well which is why clearance sales will typically use red signs to market products, or fast food companies.


Blue is often associated with security and professionalism. It makes people feel calm and safe. That’s why you’ll often see healthcare workers wearing blue. If a sense of trust is important for your brand then blue may be a great color to incorporate into your logo.


The things that people typically think of when they see green is the environment, health, and life. If you’re an eco-friendly brand then green may as well be your best friend.


Purple is the color of royalty and sends the message of luxury, sophistication, and elegance. You’ll often see high-end beauty brands using the color purple but it works for a quirky fun appeal as well.


Similar to purple, black is often used for luxury brands. It evokes feelings of power and wealth which fit nicely if your target audience has the money to spend. This takes us back to how important it is to research your demographic.

Creating A Lasting Impact With Your Brand Logo

When creating your logo be original and make sure you’re keeping your audience in mind. They’re who you’re marketing for so it makes sense they would take top priority.

Don’t get too caught up in stress either. Less is more when it comes to making a logo for your brand. Have fun, get creative, and if you need some help from the pros we have your back.

With over 20 years in the marketing industry, we know what works. Give us a call at 727-531-7622 or contact us online to see how we can help you create an impactful logo that will make your brand stand out.