SEO, or search engine optimization, is the art of working within search engine protocols to ensure a higher ranking than a website may have ordinarily.  If you have a website for a service or business in St. Petersburg, Florida your local SEO services may boost it by writing blogs or articles for the site with certain keywords and tags.  This is different than paid advertisement slots, as search engines make money off charging businesses for guaranteed “prime real estate” for the eye.  Unfortunately, very few people like clicking on ads.

Local SEO Services Can Help Your Business

Getting your friendly local SEO services to do some optimization for your business is very cost effective and actually has a pretty good rate on return.  So, here are some numbers: If I put into a search engine the word ‘toy store’, the search engine will compile all the different web pages out there relating to toys stores that’s geologically closest to your location, for example St Petersburg, and list them by how relevant they are to you.  In that previous example, over 86 million 300 thousand different pages were compiled in the span of about two seconds, so who gets to go on page one?  Well, as previously stated the ads get first dibs but then, it goes by who optimized their website the best.  Want to stand out against that 86 million, hire the best.

Skimping On SEO Can Damage Your Business

Since the start of the great recession, Americans have been more cost conscientious than ever and no one, certainly not the author of this article, would ever shame you for looking out for your business.  Rather, you are invited to consider if you are being penny wise to pound foolish.  In the previous example, toy stores got over 86 million hits for the St Petersburg area.  Your local SEO services might charge around a few hundred dollars for some search engine optimized content, which at first blush seems like a lot, but what is the value of that page one ranking?  How many pages do you think customers will go through before giving up and going with ‘the other guy’?  Without optimization what page do you think your business will end up on, eight, ten, one-hundred?  How many lost sales did saving that 700 bucks cost you overall?

SEO Providers Want To Work With You

Your local SEO services want to work with you; they want your business and no one is more painfully aware of the economic times than people trying to justify their existence to your tight budget.  In the St Petersburg area there are a plethora of services that offer everything from website design and overhaul to content writing to help boost up your business’s online presence.  And most of all they will work with you, as long as you are open and honest about budgetary concerns but do be aware of the golden rule: you get what you pay for.

So now that you know what search engine optimization can do for you, shop around in your local area.  If you are looking in the greater Tampa Bay area or St Petersburg it’s the same: look at the organic rankings in a search engine and start with the guys who can get themselves on page one.

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