What Are SEO Services?

SEO services, or search engine optimization, is the process in which companies attempt to increase their visibility by structuring (or paying someone to structure) their websites in such a way that they appear higher on search engine rankings. This is desirable because it increases visibility of the company and most likely increases the odds a potential customer may click their site, or if the company is ad-revenue based they will want any clicks they can get. A cursory search of ‘best SEO services in the Tampa Bay area’ will result in several advertisements along with the geologically closest building in Tampa.

Does It Work?

Yes and no; SEO services do affect the ranking of websites however, that comes with a few caveats. In a nutshell the best SEO services bolster a company’s search engine rankings by following constantly changing guidelines (which are not openly posted) and search engines like Google take umbrage with people who do this, especially in excess. If improperly done a website can be blacklisted or at the very least be banished to the depths of internet-Tartarus; their rankings taking months to recover. However, if properly done by knowledgeable writers a website will be bumped up in rankings which will in turn expose it to more eyes when the term comes up in a search engine.

How Do I Decide on an SEO Company?

Search engine optimization is becoming more popular in the business world, and companies are promising all sorts of results and sometimes the moon. When choosing a company for the best SEO services, there a few things to keep mind:


There are generally two flavors of expense when a business considers the best SEO services for them: retainers or contracts. A business can pay anywhere from several hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars a month to retain the services of web site designers, which may be cost prohibitive to smaller businesses. The other option usually involves some form of contract-based work; this is usually for smaller projects and the best way for businesses to “get their feet wet”. But be advised that the going rate for freelance technical writers is usually fifty to seventy five dollars an hour, depending on services rendered.

Beware of Guarantees

In the wilds of the internet there are no guaranteed results and any business promising number one rankings or guaranteed clicks are either snake oil salesmen or dubiously naïve. At best, SEO services will boost the signal but unless a business pays a search engine for an advertising slot most likely number 1 ranking through six will be locked.  For example, if “Best SEO services in Tampa” was googled the first six results would all be advertisement slots. Also to beware of are the previously mentioned power spammers who think by cramming the key words into a website they can cheat search engines. And they can, for a time but a company runs the risk of blacklisting or reduced ranking as punishment.

When considering the best search engine optimization services in the Tampa bay area google it, and then look below the ads. Why? Because any SEO services that are worth their salt should be able to get themselves on the front page if they’re offering to do the same for a client.

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