By now, you probably know what a web design firm does. But do you know the basics of good site strategy? It’s great when you can have someone else do the work of creating your site, but it never hurts to understand the essential elements that make your site powerful. Here is what the designers at Strategic Media, in Tampa, will focus on when working towards creating your aesthetically pleasing and functional site. We pay particular attention to the following five visual elements.


If you scroll through the font selections in Word, you will get a feel for the sheer amount of font choices available. This, however, is a mere fraction of the vast number of fonts that can be found on the web and through other programs. Your web design company works on picking fonts that purvey the essence of your business. We want the visual message to convey the character of your business to your client. A font can be a powerful tool in attracting your target audience, in demonstrating your style, and in aiding functionality.


An endless amount of marketing research has been conducted on the emotional and subconscious power that colors have on the human psyche. Your designer works to optimize your color scheme to match your business initiative and appeal to your target audience in Tampa.


Mixing a variety of textures plays a big part in visual strategy across any medium. From painting to interior decorating, artists have relied on the power of texture for decades. When it comes to the look and feel of your site, texture is important. It keeps the eyes of the viewer interested, and your designer works to produce the right feel that fits your business.


No matter how sophisticated your target audience is in Tampa, a page filled with endless text will not capture a person’s attention. Images are essential for:

  • Grabbing a potential client’s attention
  • Making your content more shareable via social media
  • Breaking up the heaviness of too much information

Your web design company will find and incorporate images that correlate to your service, creating an appealing way to present your brand.


Icons are a nice, neat way to give a lot of information in a quick and simple format. Many logos are embedded into recognizable icons that can be used to navigate around your site or to related sites. Everyone knows that clicking on a blue “F” at the end of a blog post will allow them to share that page on their Facebook site. Your designer will use standard and custom icons to make your site user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Strategic Media: Your Go-To Web Design Firm in Tampa

As a web design firm, Strategic Media knows all the tricks of the trade. We have helped countless clients in the Tampa area boost their profits thanks to our design and SEO services. If you are ready to create your online presence, do not hesitate to call us at 727-531-7622 today!